[Announce] Planet.XSLTransformations.com Now Live

by M. David Peterson

http://planet.xsltransformations.com/ [feed, opml]

I'm still busy adding feeds from folks in whom most definitely provide value to those with interest in XSLT and/or similar technologies such as XQuery and LINQ. I was going to hold off from announcing this until I was absolutely certain I had everybody on there that obviously should be on there. But since that will more than likely never happen within a reasonable time frame, and since the best way to fix something is to give it to people to play with such that they can tell you where it's broken (and/or how they broke it, though in this case (I hope!) this really doesn't apply), I figured now is the time to announce its existence, using a collaborative approach to filling in the missing links. If it seems to you there is someone missing, please let me know. Thanks!

Update: Please note: If you visit the site expecting to see your name+link, and for some odd reason it isn't there, please don't take it personally. I do stupid things like this *ALL* the time. For example, it took me close to a year before I realized I didn't have Elliotte Rusty Harold listed on the XSLT:Blog "Legends of the XSLT Community" roster. With this in mind, please forgive me, and let me know of my evil sins so I can properly repent. Thanks!

In addition to adding new folks as time continues, I also plan to begin the integration of the client-side XSLT framework I have been developing, some of which you can find @ http://extf.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/WebApp/public_web/ (and play with @ http://browserbasedxml.com/ ). This same framework you will be learning about in the now quite belated Open Source XML Weekly Roundup (which will now be titled "Week 9 1/2" when it's ready to go either later today or tomorrow ;-)

More on that when it arrives ( < obviously! ;-)

Oh, and also,