Announcing BPM Focus

by Micah Dubinko

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If you're like me or most people I've talked to, you've heard things--maybe even good things!--about Business Process Management (BPM). You've probably also run into a thicket of overlapping acronyms, standards, and products. A new online publication called BPM Focus digs in to bring you straight information, news, and blog coverage of technology that can make a difference in your business.

Initially the publication is in beta mode, so check back often to find new material.

Writers wanted: Do you have experience with this technology? Have you been involved in a roll-out of BPM software? Or have you gotten along fine so far without using anything you'd call BPM? We are seeking writers of articles and editorials. The "Contact us" link on the site has full details.

Putting this together has been a great experience, and I'm learning all kinds of new things myself. Have a look and see what you can learn as well. -m

Do you have any suggestions for BPM Focus?