Announcing the Perl Foundation Blog

by Andy Lester

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(In my Copious Free Time when I'm not at work, or updating the just-released
Mac OS X Tiger In A Nutshell, I'm PR guy for The Perl Foundation.

The Perl Foundation was established in December 2001, but is a mystery
to many people. Today we announce
The Perl Foundation Blog at
(also available as

Perl Foundation News is the place to read updates on what members of the
Foundation's working groups are working on and for other project-related
announcements. Where before a working group member might post an update
to his
journal, or a meditation on,
from today those updates and more will be appearing on the Perl
Foundation Blog.

The Perl Foundation's work includes:

  • sponsoring the YAPC conferences and supporting their organizers
  • managing grants for Perl-related projects
  • working with outside groups, as on Google's
    Summer Of Code project
  • putting a public face on the work of the Perl community
  • providing technical infrastructure for web hosting and Subversion repositories
  • supporting and coordinating volunteer efforts

Now you can get information about these activities.

Comments are enabled, allowing you to give feedback directly to our
working group members. Talk directly to us and tell us what we're doing
right or wrong. Ask us questions and we'll do our best to answer. We
love comments and want to hear your views.

We're well aware of the problems of the past. We know that communications
have been weak. We're working hard for the trust of the Perl community,
and creating the Perl Foundation Blog is a crucial step as we work to
earn that trust.

Whether you want to participate in helping make the Perl community even
better, or interested in what's going on, we hope that