Another Linux Milestone

by James Turner

I try to get out to the Consumer Electronics SHows (CES) in Las Vegas every January. As I've blogged about on other sites, there's actually a ton of Linux-based devices there, almost anything with an embedded OS runs Linux. One of my standard activities has been to go to the major consumer PC vendors (Dell, HP, Gateway, Toshiba, etc) and ask if I can get their product with Linux preinstalled, or failing that, with no OS and not have to pay a Windows license fee. Until today, the answer has been no except for some of the server products.

You notice I said "until today." As of 4PM CDT today, Dell will be offering 3 systems (2 desktops and a notebook) with Ubuntu preinstalled and supported. This is a red-letter day for Linux, one of the major reasons that we don't see the Penguin on consumer PCs more is that Windows is already pre-installed when the box arrives. Now, at least, consumers will have a choice. Bravo to Dell for listening to the hhundreds of thousands of people who voted for Linux, and taking quick action


2007-05-30 07:16:02
That's good news; but we need to see how good their after-sales support will be...

I just visited their site and checked the driver page for the Inspiron E1505 N; sorry, can't change OS to Ubuntu to list available drivers.

I guess we can give it a few days or a week before their support _will_ be thorough...

Kudos to Dell, nevertheless.