Another proposal for XML in HTML

by Michael Day

Embedding XML islands inside HTML documents is an old idea, and lately the debate about how to standardise this in HTML5 has been heating up again. As someone working on an HTML to PDF converter with strong XML support, I have a keen interest in the outcome of this debate. It would be very helpful if HTML and XML could be mixed and matched as necessary. So let me throw my five cents into the ring. (It would be two cents, but in this decimal age that would round down to zero).


2007-10-19 08:59:05
Oh god, why do I have the distinct feeling that after almost a decade of real progress in web standards, people are now looking to move backwards?

It seems to me if people want to embed other XML markup, they should use XML. Why are there all these contortions going on to support a broken markup format with yet more broken ideas?

Sorry Michael, don't mean to pick on you in my first comment on your blog :-)

2007-10-19 16:15:34
Because there's no good way to serve XHTML on the web these days, I would guess.

Are all these contortions really due to IE not treating XHTML served as application/xhtml+xml correctly?

Arrem Ploujnikov
2007-10-23 09:46:37
XHTML can be easily served as application/xml. All you have to do is create a stylesheet that copies all elements verbatim ac literatim by default. If you also use , you can extend XHTML with your own custom tags.
Arrem Ploujnikov
2007-10-23 09:51:42
And yes, this does work in IE
Micah Dubinko
2007-10-29 16:31:02
Michael, let's meet F2F at XML 2007 to discuss this further... -m