Another Ruby community

by pat eyler

Tonight, the Utah Ruby Users Group had its monthly meeting. We've been hovering aroung 20 attendees for several months now, with a traditional presentation format. This month seemed like a good time to do something different, so we decided to try a more hands-on meeting.

Jamis Buck (of Net::SSH, Needle, and Rails fame) put together several 'topics' that we could pair up and hack on. The idea was to let people pair up and work on things that were interesting and skill level appropriate, and at the end of the night compare notes on how pair programming and strict test first programming worked for people.

I don't know if it was the meeting plan, or the proximity to the holidays, but things didn't work out like we'd hoped. Only about 6 people showed up, and the hacking topics didn't really appeal to us. One of the attendees had a question about getting AJAX working in a little Rails app he'd been working on though, so Jamis led an impromptu 90 minute session on using AJAX in Rails. (I guess that's what being agile is all about.)

For January, we're going back to our old format. I understand the presentation will be about Ruby/Cocoa. Whatever it is, I plan on being there. With this group, missing a meeting means you're really missing out.

Are you involved in your local Ruby Brigade? If not, do you know what you're missing?