Another Update from Sprint on Treo 650/Bluetooth

by Marc Hedlund

I'm distracted by other news right now, but Jeff Shafer from Sprint sent me the following about my earlier Treo 650/Bluetooth posts:

I know there was some discussion among your readers that Sprint prohibits
the use of Treos and other devices as modems, and as I mentioned, Sprint
does not "stand in the way" of our customers who choose to use their
devices in this manner.

However, to be perfectly clear and avoid any confusion among our
customers and your readers, there are limitations to using devices as
modems in the unlimited Sprint Vision pricing plans.  Customers who
choose to use their devices in this manner may be required to select a
different pricing plan.  I do not have the details on exactly how the
alternative pricing works (these would be available from a Sprint PCS
service representative), but these are plans that are in existence now
and are designed to help customers who have needs other than for the
standard unlimited approach.


2004-11-25 00:24:14
"standard unlimited"?!?
excuse me, but how many meanings does the word "unlimited" have exactly? this is orwellian be expected from Sprint, who routinely deceive and cheat their customers.

and yet I am still with them. *sigh*

hopefully this issue will resolve itself over the next few weeks and we'll have a clear answer before long.

2005-02-04 09:04:17
Treo 650 Modem usage, any changes yet!
Has there been any new info on Sprint allowing the modem function on the Treo 650. I saw on this site and another site back in Oct/Nov that they were going to allow it with the unlimited vision version. I would buy the phone/pda if they allowed it. My concern is using the Hack or the PDA program and getting a huge bill for overage for violating my service plan. Any advice is apprecated. Currently I use a Cell phone with a program from Futuredial on my Sprint phone and it works great as a modem. But would upgrade to the treo if Sprint allowed infrequent (while traveling and in hotel room) but not daily usage on the 650 as a modem.

2005-02-28 10:56:21
Treo 650 bluetooth DUN capability
It has been several months since comments were first posted about using bluetooth DUN to connect laptops to the internet using the Treo 650. Sprint was going to add this capability. Has it done so?