Another Use For Auto-Stack

by Allen Rockwell

I recently discovered another great use for the Auto-Stack feature in Aperture.

I was shooting a large regional swim meet and wanted to make sure I didn't miss any critical shots, but I could not get a second a shooter go with me to the event. So I rigged up my second camera on a tripod looking down the staring blocks and fitted it with a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L set to 24mm to allow me to get a nice wide shot of the starting blocks area and the athletes diving into the water.

The camera I was carrying was fitted with a Canon 100-400mm IS L lens (my favorite sports lens).

Then I fitted each camera with a PocketWizard Plus II and the "remote camera" (the one on the tripod) was fitted with a trigger cable from the PocketWizard to the camera.

What this arrangement allowed me to do was to get closeup shots with my hand-held camera and wider angle shots at the same time, thanks to the PocketWizard wireless remotes.


Jon MacKinnon
2007-02-18 19:35:31
Would you be able to post a picture of this setup? It sounds intriguing!
2007-02-19 06:48:26
thanks for the tip! I will often have a couple of cameras going at an event. I've got to make sure the times are synced on all my camera!
Allen Rockwell
2007-02-19 12:28:03
I'll get a photo of the setup and post it this evening.
Meanwhile check out