Answering emailed blog tech questions

by Todd Ogasawara

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Every now and then I get email asking technical questions related to a blog item posted here on the O'Reilly Network (mostly in the Wireless DevCenter).
I post some responses here if they seem to be of general interest.
I've revived my MobileViews Q&A Mailbag to answer other questions.
The blogging software for the Mailbag was broken for a long time, but I've finally rebuilt it (and other blog areas on my personal site).
You can find the Q&A Mailbag linked as MAILBAG at the top level of my personal site...

The Q&A Mailbag is directly linked below at...

MobileViews Q&A Mailbag

My apologies for the long delay for some of questions that have been sitting in queue for, ack, months.
I'm getting to them as time permits.
Remember I do this Q&A for free in my freetime (I've got a day job like a lot of you though I'm on vacation this week)! So, please be patient.
Here are the items I've responded to in the past week.

  • Using a CD-ROM with an OS-less IBM Thinkpad 240
  • Finding Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (SFU)
  • Getting Ubuntu Linux to work with a notebook WiFi card
  • Hinge Fix for HP Jornada 720?
  • Finding .Net CompactFramework for the Pocket PC
  • Connecting the Nintendo DS to a home wireless LAN

Got a question related to a blog on an O'Reilly Network article or blog I wrote? Let me know.