Anticipating the marriage of Flickr and Aperture

by Fraser Speirs

Apple's latest and, if not greatest, then at least "highly anticipated" application Aperture is on the verge of shipping out.

I'm typing this up as my PowerBook is automatically putting the finishing touches to the final release of FlickrExport 1.3. I'm trying to clear the decks for the next couple of weeks in order to make time to explore Aperture.

I'm interested in this application from all the angles a keen amateur photographer would normally be, but also from the angle of a software developer. I'm keen to see how Aperture is put together and very much looking forward to pulling it apart to see where I can hack around inside.

Of particular interest is finding out whether and how it would be possible to augment Aperture's export capabilities. For over a year, I've been maintaining and releasing FlickrExport, which is a plug-in for iPhoto that extends that application's export features to add the ability to send pictures directly to

It will be an interesting detective exercise to see if it's possible to do something similar for Aperture. Can't wait to start.

Are you a Flickr fan looking forward to adopting Aperture?


2005-11-29 15:33:22
Flickexport 1.3.
Looking forward to that one! Good luck with the marriage with Aperture :)
2006-05-25 23:49:30
Sounds great! Any updates on your progress?