Any Kuro Box hackers out there?

by Justin Clarke

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So, it runs on a PowerPC processor, and already runs a working Linux environment. It has a thriving user community in the Japan as well as a starting-to-thrive US community. All you need to do is throw in a hard drive. This is probably the most hackable device since the Tivo for the amount of creative stuff you could potentially do with it.

All in all it looks really cool. Now all I have to do is figure out how to convince myself I need it for some project around the house :-)


2005-04-26 07:20:01
We own the linkstation and were looking for a cheap linux fram
In addition we also own a Magnia by Toshiba. Nice thing about these devices is that they sip power - 17 watts - I believe at full power - drives spining, not sure what it uses while just being turned on. That is much cheaper - power wise - than some of the tiny PCs I've seen. Anyway, the KuroBox is the answer to our quest for a cheap fully hackable linux server platform. Unlike the Magnia or the Linkstation, by hacking it we're not losing the original functionality. Unlike a PC, we're not wasting 43+ watts per hour (assuming 60 watt power supplies for the tiniest micro PCs), just by leaving it turned on. As a bonus, we can always have "mom" translate the japanese in a pinch :)
2005-04-29 11:17:08
I'd used the Linkstation 160Gb NAS for about a month before deciding to flip it over to a Kuro. Although not trivial, it's manageable for someone with minimal *nix & telnet experience.

Linkstation is a very good appliance. But, if you want a full-blown *nix disto, Kuro's a good start.

I'm now looking at two yellow dog disto-cousins (Debian & Ubuntu) for the Linkuro. The end goal is to have a full-blown LAMP + dyndns. Not sure why...but I'll figure that out by the time this is done.