Anyone Know a Good Open Source QA Test Management Tool?

by William Grosso

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A friend, who's used to the high-powered, high-priced, world of test-case management and execution recently asked me: what if Don't have the budget? What can I use then?

I didn't have an answer. So I'm putting this out to the general community: are there good open-source tools for test case management and execution.
At first glance, Bugzilla Test Runner looked like it might be a viable application. But development on it seems to have slowed, and it doesn't look like a viable option.

Any thoughts?

What do you use to track test cases?


2004-09-15 12:41:53 has a section labeled "Test Management." I've never tried any of these products, but from what I've seen from their respective websites, none of them seemed like they had the functionality of a Mercury Interactive TestDirector. I'd like to investigate it further and see what needs these products meet....if I can ever find the time......
2004-09-27 00:46:13
Nice site about them....
A little late, but I found this site and thought you might be interested:

2004-11-08 01:27:58
Couldn't find one
Interesting subject and something I've been puzzling with for some time.

In the end I created one because projects I was working on couldn't afford the commercial tools and there wasn't a viable alternative.

I wasn't asking for much, just a way of managing test cases and recording the results when I executed them.

It was easier to build one.

Now a couple of years later, I see that the situation still hasn't changed, so I'm making my tool available to other people. (shameless plug here:

2005-12-06 13:31:28
One Open Source Test Case Management tool well worth considering is QaTraq ( QaTraq offers a database backend document management system which helps test teams manage their test cases, test results and test reporting. QaTraq is freely available as Open Source Software.
2006-06-02 01:35:32
The thread is quite old, but since 2004, a new open source test management tool has appeared, called Salome-TMF (for test management framework). It enables to manage requirements, test plans, test campaigns, execution results, and can be extended with plugins. Existing plugins integrate the tool with Mantis, Bugzilla, JUnit. You can look it at
2007-01-09 12:57:21
1/9/2007 2:59:09 PM
2007-06-28 04:34:39

Hello William,

Did you by any chance find something?

I intend to find such tool as well, but I want it to have:
- automatic versioning (like date)
- manual versioning as well (I should give it a tag or name)
- customized fields - I want to add my fields to each test
- export test cases to a Word document.

Thank you

- Regards,

Steve Miller
2007-08-31 20:20:31
Check out Qualify at This tool is really affordable for the functionality provided. I've used both Rational Test Manager and Mercury's Quality Center, and will never pay those prices again! Qualify is a great test plan management tool for startups or any QA team under a tight budget. I highly recommend this tool.
2008-02-03 03:52:06
Hi there,

My free tool may be what you're looking for...

XStudio is a free 100% graphical test management application that handles the complete life-cycle of testing projects from A to Z: users, requirements, specifications, SUTs, tests, tesplans, test reports, test campaigns and linkages to defects.

It is using a MySQL database and allows to schedule or run fully automated or manual test campaigns.

XAgent is a free program running in background as a windows service. Once installed on several hosts, it allows to run the test campaigns on these PCs remotely.

The version 0.3 of XStudio has just been released and can be downladed at