Anyone want to test out an Apple TV plug-in?

by Erica Sadun

You need ssh access to your Apple TV. Drop the plug-in into /System/Library/CoreServices/ and from there into Contents/PlugIns. You then have to kill and restart (Do a ps -x to find the process id).

What the plug-in does: I wrote it as a proof of concept for testing running command-line utilities through the Apple TV interface. "Weather" gives you a weather report for Denver. (You can modify the zip code in the plug-in bundle in Contents/Resources/Weather.perl.) "Time" tells you the time using /bin/date. There's also a "Foolery" option that simply displays a static string. Finally, you can "Quit" from the Apple TV UI. (Not very useful unless you're hacking.)

Use at your own risk. Give feedback. Don't sue. How-to hopefully to follow.

Download file

Update: Just for the hell of it, I also wrote up an appliance that allows you to run any perl script you stick into your /Users/frontrow/perlbin folder. Feel free to test it:

Download file


2007-06-04 14:29:31
It would be nice when you had some free time to update the weather plugin. The plug is currently being hosted at and a few people haven been asking for a nice gui... :-)