AOL's Boulevard of Broken Dreams

by Rob Flickenger

I just got the funniest AOL CD ever. Here's a picture.

The cover art of the package (and printed on the CD itself) is a parody of Edward Hopper's famous 1942 painting, Nighthawks:

But it is probably even better known as Gottfried Helnwein's own parody Boulevard of Broken Dreams, featuring Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, and Elvis Presley:

This ad campaign seems particularly hilarious after Sunday's Washington Post article about AOL's aggressive sales tactics at the height of its power in the '90s...

Oh, the Photoshop opportunities loom large, don't they?

I sure wish AOL would at least send out CD/RW's. The floppies they used to send out weren't so bad, since you could at least format over them. But I have rescued so many useless AOL CDs from heading straight to the landfill that I'm running out of room. The DVD cases are somewhat useful in that they can be saved for replacing cheap cardboard DVD cases, but what do you do with spindles of useless AOL CDs?

What do you do with your AOL CDs?


2003-06-20 01:30:20
Uses for AOL CDs
Dangle one from your rear view mirror.
2003-06-20 08:01:44
Uses for AOL CDs
>> Dangle one from your rear view mirror.

That's potentially illegal, and do you /really/ want to subject anyone to the question "Why do you have a AOL CD here?"

2003-06-20 19:18:07
Send them here! -- According to the web site: "Our Objective: To collect 1,000,000 unwanted AOL CDs from people like you.  We'll then transport the 1,000,000 CDs in an armada of trucks or something and give them back to their rightful owners, AOL.  We'll ask them to stop sending these unrequested, unwanted, and destined for landfill CDs."
2003-07-18 08:42:53
Too many aol c.d.s
I glue the aol side to the aol side of another and make coasters.
2003-08-19 16:10:48
use them like wallpaper. trippy.
file the edges to a blade and make cool death circle dealies.
spare tired on tiny cars, that's all i got.