Apache Axis 1.1 for Java Web Services announced

by Kevin Bedell

This is the text of an e-mail that Glen Daniels of Macromedia just sent out over a number of web services lists:

Hi all:

The Apache Axis team is pleased to announce that version 1.1 of the Axis SOAP toolkit is now available for download at:

The 1.1 release includes many improvements from 1.0, including:

* Better support for doc/literal WSDLs, more schema types, etc.

* Vastly improved SOAP 1.2 support

* Improved documentation

* More transports (including JMS and email)

* Basic support for COM/CORBA/RMI objects as backends

* Many bugfixes, including bulletproofing against cross-site scripting and XML entity inclusion attacks

1.1 has been a long time coming, and we'd like to thank everyone who's worked on the code, submitted bugs, and participated in the community discussions on the mailing lists. We're going to try to do more frequent releases into the future, and we have a lot more improvements to make to the codebase - expect to see 1.2 in a much shorter timeframe.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Axis!


For more information on Axis, check out the Apache Axis home page or download this leading edge web services platform at: