Apache Axis open source Web Services framework 1.0 RC1 Announced.

by Kevin Bedell

Related link: http://xml.apache.org/axis/

Just posted to the axis-user and axis-dev lists:

Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Axis 1.0 RC1 has been released!

The Apache Axis team has released Axis 1.0 RC1, available at http://xml.apache.org/axis/

This release of Axis is a major milestone toward releasing a 1.0 version in the (very) short term. Currently the team is targeting a 1.0 release date of September 13, 2002.


* Is a flexible, extensible Web Services framework for Java developers.

* Has a complete implementation of Sun's JAX-RPC and SAAJ specifications.

* Has successfully passed the JAX-RPC and SAAJ TCK test suites.

* Is easy to use (including "instant deployment" by dropping a Java source file into a webapp)

* Supports bi-directional WSDL<->Java generation, both via command line tools and automatically in the runtime

* Contains support for the new version of the DIME specification for attachments

* Contains preliminary SOAP 1.2 support

To download the release, you can visit


Please check it out, and send feedback to axis-user@xml.apache.org or axis-dev@xml.apache.org.


--The Axis Team