Apache Axis release 1.0 announced.

by Kevin Bedell

Related link: http://xml.apache.org/axis

It likely that users of Apache Soap and other soap implementations will begin migrating to Axis now that it has matured to this level. Axis had its first Alpha release over a year ago and has been through 8 additional release cycles since then.

One of the goals for this release was to communicate to the Web Services and Java communities at large that Axis has matured significantly and should now be considered as a viable alternative for Web Service applications written in Java.

Axis is already in wide use in a variety of application areas. For example, it provides the soap engine behind the JRun and Cold Fusion servers as well for JBoss.NET.

In addition to using it for production applications, Axis provides a great way for Java programmers to learn Web Services. The sample applications included with Axis are good and they can all be run using Tomcat (or any number of Servlet containers).

This is a significant milestone for Web Services technology and Open Source. Congratulations to the Axis team!