Apache httpd & Tomcat on WindowsServer 2008?

by Todd Ogasawara

The last time I installed Apache httpd in Microsoft Windows was, hmm, early 2002, I think. And, I've never tried installing Tomcat under Windows. So, I read through Garrett Serack's comments on Microsoft's Port 25 site with interest since two of his recent blog items talked about Apache team members visiting Microsoft.

The Apache Visit to Microsoft Campus: Day One

The Apache Visit to Microsoft Campus: Day Two

One comment I found interesting in the Day Two blog entry was: a few things were uncovered, primarily around UAC, data redirection (where Windows redirects writes to the file system and registry to safe locations for low-rights processes). Argh. UAC (User Access Control) drives me nuts when I use Windows Vista. I know you can turn it off. But, that seems to defeat its important purpose of improved security. UAC should be priority one for Windows 7. The other item the comment brought to mind is this: From my limited Windows Server 2008 experience, it looks like its end-user UAC-isms are better behaved than Windows Vista. But, I thought the two OSes shared a great deal of the same code. So, why does the user experience on Windows Server 2008 seem so much better than the workstation-oriented Windows Vista?

The IIS7 administrative interface looks a lot different than IIS6 to me. So much so, in fact, that I suspect it is probably easier for an experienced Apache httpd web server administrator to install it on Windows Server 2008 than an experienced IIS6 admin would have configuring IIS7. So, I hope Microsoft and Apache can quickly iron out the issues Garrett mentions in his blog items to make the transition even smooth for Apache web server admins.


2008-03-11 11:46:21
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Fred Reckling
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