Apache Web Server 2.2.9 for Windows

by Todd Ogasawara

Apache released their HTTP Server 2.2.9 on Friday the 13th last month (obviously no superstitious people on the release team).

Apache HTTP Server 2.2.9 Released

Every now and then, I install the latest Apache web server on a Windows server just to see what it looks like there (compared to the Linux installations I use for production and testing). So, it is always interesting to read the Apache Windows README text to see what it says. One of the more interesting warnings is for people running Windows NT 4.0 or older (Windows 95, etc.) to move to another platform (like Linux). It looks like Windows 2000 is still supported. So, this seems like a reasonable request to me. The question that comes to mind though is: Who is running any version of Apache httpd on Windows 95, 98, or NT 4? And, why are they running it on these ancient versions of Windows? I'm guessing there are some pretty interesting stories out there. And, if you have any to share, I'm sure other people are curious too.

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