Aperture 1.5.3 Update

by Steve Simon

Apple has released a version update of Aperture. It weighs in at a respectable 129.5 megabytes. Get it through "Software Update" under the Apple Menu or click here.


From Apple:

What's New in this Version
Aperture 1.5.3 addresses issues related to overall reliability and performance in a number of areas, including:
- Generation of thumbnails for adjusted images
- Entering and exiting Full Screen mode
- Working with large sets of keywords in the Keywords HUD
- Restoring from a vault

Among the specific issues that have been addressed:
- Previews now update properly when images are sent to an external editor.
- Leaf Aptus 22 and Aptus 75 images are now imported with the correct orientation.
- When folders are imported as projects, the folder structure is now correctly preserved when identically named subfolders are included in the hierarchy.
- Reconnecting referenced images that have been externally edited now works more reliably.
- Setting the ColorSync profile in the Aperture Print dialog now correctly suppresses color management settings in the Mac OS X Print dialog.


Gunnar Blöndal
2007-04-20 10:41:29
I was once encouraged by a Apple tech to give feedback to Apple via the "Provide Aperture Feedback" in Apertures menu. I have since version 1.5 sent them bug fix requests on the following problem: Non-international characters written in the IPTC fields are not exported correctly on any images exported from Aperture. øæåØÆÅöÖ (Norwegian characters) end up like this: √∏√¶aÃä√ò√ÜAÃäoÃàOÃà
The consequence is that I have to text wash every picture I export containing Norwegian characters. Text in web galleries come out correctly. Adobes Lightroom got non-international characters in IPTC export right from the start.
If anyone from Apple should read this: YOU NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP.
Sorry for shouting, but one should think that Apple after four updates of Aperture actually had the time, power and knowledge to fix such an easy correctable bug.
2007-04-23 07:07:36
Timing couldn't be better for me -- after 3 hours of Aperture phone support telling me that the reason my Aperture was so slow was because I needed a better video card -- only available in MacPro (I'm on an iMac duo, which Apple store said was fine for Aperture) -- I finally through in the towel and downloaded the 30 day trial of Lightbox, was starting to fall in love...but after 4 hours with 1.5.3, the excruciatingly slow application at last works. Only wish Aperture had given me a heads up on that, but I guess they were just following customer service protocol.
2007-04-23 11:03:08
I find the switch to full screen much faster... trying hitiing F a few times