Aperture and Leopard

by Ben Long

Leopard has some great new features for digital photographers. For example, QuickLook is an exceptional way to get a quick view of an image file in the Finder. Meanwhile, CoverFlow, a feature that I thought was a stupid thing to add to the Finder, since I've never found it useful in iTunes, turns out to be a great way to flip through a folder full of images. I'm sure we'll all be finding many new tweaks and tricks for exploiting Leopard's new features in our digital workflows.

However, if you're planning on upgrading to Leopard be sure that you update your Aperture to the very latest version, 1.5.4. I hadn't done this yet, and Aperture was definitely very unstable under Leopard, and was having trouble finding referenced files. In fact, ALL referenced files in my project were showing up as broken links. A quick update to 1.5.4 fixed this problem.


Mihalis Tsoukalos
2007-10-26 11:41:45
There is a new Aperture update, 1.5.6
Marek // lichtlauschen
2007-10-26 13:13:39
My Software-Update shows me an Aperture update, too, but there's no documentation. Somebody know what 1.5.6 is good for? And where's 1.5.5?
Marek // lichtlauschen
2007-10-26 13:16:16
ok, Steve Weller wrote it:

The Aperture 1.5.6 Update addresses issues related to performance, improves overall stability, and supports compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Other specific issues addressed in this release include:

Resolves some minor compatibility issues with iPhoto 7.1, which organizes images by Event rather than Roll.
Addresses issues related to metadata and sort order when sharing previews with iLife Media Browser.
Improves reliability of queries based on Import Session.
Addresses reliability when recovering an Aperture Library from a Vault.