Aperture like Save As

by Steve Simon

Coming from the Photoshop world, "Save As" is a familiar term. It often translated into a desk stacked high with hard drives, and if you were like me, multiple, identical versions of photos that made organizing and finding them a slight to full-fledged nightmare.

Those days are gone for me, with Aperture. As you know doubt know by now, Aperture lets you make as many versions of a master raw file as you would like, but a version is only a recipe for making the final image when exported, and it takes up very little space.

There are times when I like the idea of Save As. When I'm working on an image, and I'm happy with the result to that point, but I plan on taking my adjustments further. At this stage with Photoshop, I might have used Save As to create a new version, and pick up where I left off when I come back to the image.


With Aperture, you can do this too. Just create a duplicate version of the image, which allows you to continue from the point you left off. Any other version you have including the master of course, stay just as pristine as when you left them. This can work well with different crops for example, allowing you to compare and ultimately decide which looks best. Or when you're finessing a black and white version of the image, you might want to keep a black and white version to work on.



I won't make a new version very often, but when making adjustments which significantly change the original, as with crops or conversions to black and white, I find it helps to create a new version.

If you want to try something new, the Duplicate From Master icon will let you make a new version from the "un-fooled-around-with" master file, letting you start your adjustments from the beginning again. Of course with Aperture, every version can be brought back to previous stages in the adjustments, but versioning sometimes lets you see things more clearly.


2007-06-28 20:52:24
I, too, use versions when doing b&w conversions. nice way to have a b&w version of a beautiful color photo!
2007-07-11 12:38:21
I would like to see a lock feature. To lock a version from changes, so I don't by mistake change something as I have carefully adjusted.