Aperture Plugged In

by Micah Walter

I am very pleased to announce Aperture Plugged In, a new website dedicated to, you guessed it, Aperture plugins! This new site is what I hope will become a meeting place for all those interested in using, developing and thinking up new ways to leverage Aperture’s extensible architecture.

After receiving a large number of email requests, I decided to take it upon myself to try and get this project going. I would really like to thank all those who have contributed their thoughts on this project, especially Derrick Story and Richard Kerris.

The project is still largely under development, so please excuse, for the time being, the random spelling mistake, bad font choices and minor bugs in the forums section. Oh, and that logo is still under critical review too!

Please feel free to peruse the site, send me your feedback, jump in and post a new topic in the forums section, or point me in the direction of a new, undiscovered plugin that you are working with.

Thanks again to all those who contributed their thoughts to this project. Enjoy!


Daniel Mendez
2007-01-31 07:32:19
looks great...
2007-01-31 13:53:14
Hi Micah, I think this site is really important to the Aperture community. Congrats!

Just want to let all of the Inside Aperture readers know that we're picking up the RSS feed from Aperture Plugged In, and you can see the posts as they are published in our "Related Content" box in the right nav on the home page.

2007-02-01 06:58:17
Thanx for the site! Looks nice and has great info. I've already got its RSS feed
2007-06-07 22:56:41
i have a question that would like an answer to if you dont mind, when it come to the job market is there certain ages that are frowned upon what if someone who had the talent but was the there early 30 and just graduated would that be frowned apond ?