Aperture Plug-in for Gallery

by Micah Walter

One of our readers clued us into an Aperture plug-in which streamlines exporting and uploading images to "Gallery." For those of you who have never heard of Gallery before, it is a web based, open source, photo album application available for free download at http://gallery.menalto.com. You can get the plug-in here.

Gallery is one of those applications that has fallen under my radar. I know a few people who use it and love it, but I checked it out once and never pursued any experimentation. That is not to say that I think Gallery isn't a fine app. It seems to be very well thought out and easy to use, and as an open source program it certainly is appealing for people looking for ultimate customizability.

I guess I have just always been a big fan of SlideshowPro. SlideshowPro generates Flash based galleries and has a pretty nice Ajax based web application for managing things. Yes, you do need Flash, and yes, it does cost a few bucks, but it is definitely worth checking out. I just hope the developer comes out with an Aperture plug-in!

At first glance the plug-in for Gallery seems pretty straight forward. In its latest release it allows for uploading to multiple galleries and is compatible with both versions of Gallery.

It certainly is exciting to see developers creating plug-ins for Aperture. However, I do see a need for some type of community website where Aperture plug-in developers can keep us all up to date with their latest news. The Aperture section of Apple's site has a partial listing of their "partners" with available plug-ins on their Extensibility page, but there is definitely a need for a non-Apple website where developers can promote their plug-ins and join in conversation. Okay, who out there wants to start one? Anyone?

Well, in other news I just received a new 500-gig Lacie USB drive--ah, breathing room! I can't help but to think back to the computers we had at the lab and their 32K 8-inch floppy disks. Man, we have come a long way. I now have a terabyte of external hard drive space sitting on my desk. This may seem like small potatoes to those of you out there with permanent desktop systems, but the fact that I can easily pack all this harddrive space into an overhead luggage compartment on most puddle jumpers down here in the Caribbean, still astounds me. I guess I am easily impressed.

I spent a few hours last night transferring master images to the new drive. I sort of regret not getting another Firewire drive, as they are so much easier to connect together in a chain, but the new drive will certainly keep me in free space for a little while longer. It was pretty easy--I just copied my Aperture Master Library to the new drive (I have a Master Library living on an external and a sort of temp library on my laptop) and opened it.

Once opened, I selected the entire library, clicked Relocate Masters and after a short period of time all of my master image files were transfered to the new drive. The one issue I see with transferring files in this manner is that the operation is a "move" and not a "copy," meaning, you need to make sure to make a backup before doing such an operation--for safekeeping. There is also the matter of Aperture's ability to keep tabs on your referenced masters when they are stored on external drives. More on that to come.


Shehryar Khan
2007-01-24 23:15:44

Hi. It's the author of ApertureToGallery here. Thanks for the kind words.
We just released a new version that is compatible with Gallery v2.2 RC-1 and have decided that we're going to distribute it as freeware.