Aperture Seminars: Both Online and In Person

by Charlie Miller

Last week while hunting for some info on Apple.com, I stumbled upon Apple’s online seminars website. This is a great resource of high-quality overviews, seminars, and demos, available as streaming Quicktime videos that can be watched anytime. And the best part? They’re free.

The seminars cover topics ranging from remixing with Logic Pro to compositing with Shake. And of course, there are some great Aperture seminars:


Control-click on the loupe for the contextual menu

I set aside an hour and watched the Overview and New Features seminar, and even though I’ve been using Aperture 1.5 for over 6 months now, I still managed to learn something I never knew: to toggle between the standard Loupe and the Centered Loupe, try Control-clicking (or right-clicking) in the Loupe. The contextual menu provides access to all the settings you might want to toggle on or off. This is particularly useful if you’re using the standard Loupe, which doesn’t feature the drop-down menu that the Centered Loupe does.

Even for the seasoned Aperture pro, these seminars are definitely worth a look… If you check out the first or second seminar, you may recognize Joe Schorr, Senior Product Manager for Aperture — he’s a frequent guest on The Inside Aperture Podcast with Derrick Story.

Finally, if you’re interested in a live seminar about Aperture, be sure to check out the Aperture Road Tour, presented by the Aperture Users Professional Network. This multi-city tour will offer in-depth Aperture presentations on weekend days across the U.S. And full disclosure: I’m one of the instructors, so I hope to see some Inside Aperture readers there!


2007-07-30 09:22:08
Do you know what application was used to record the screen activity portion of the seminars? What are they using to record user interactions, etc?
2007-08-15 12:20:14
Check out these two apps: iShowU and Snapz Pro X .