Aperture to Flickr in one step

by Allen Rockwell

FlickrExportThumb.jpgIn my last post I talked about getting your images into Aperture and applying basic adjustments and edits to your images. Now I want to move on to getting your images out of Aperture and getting them in front of your intended audience.

Aperture version 1.5 gave us a very long list of improvements and added features. One thing Apple did in version 1.5 is to release it's file export API to developers so that they could develop plug-ins for Aperture. Several developers have taken advantage of this new open API including:
Getty Images, Digital Fusion, flickr, iStockphoto, Photo Shelter, Pictage, Soundslides.


Fraser Speirs
2006-11-17 06:02:24
Hi Allen, thanks for the mention. Just wanted to let you know that 1.0b5 was released about an hour ago: http://www.connectedflow.com/blog/?p=52

-- Fraser Speirs, Connected Flow.

Brad Immanuel
2006-11-17 17:52:41
This is a great tool. I have begun using Flickr as an offsite back up of my Aperture Library. I just keep all the photos hidden by default and make the better ones public for friends and family. This plugin makes it sooo easy.
2006-11-23 10:33:04
I've been using Flickr for much longer than Aperture so I've already built a long list of tags there. Is there a way to export these tags from Flickr and import them into Aperture as keywords? I know FlickrExport has a tagging feature, but I'd like my keywords to be stored in Aperture as well.
Allen Rockwell
2006-11-23 13:27:28
Importing them into Aperture is the easy bit, just launch the keywords HUD and press the import button.
Getting the keywords (tags) out of flickr seems to be the tricky bit. But the flickr API certainly allows this to happen, that's how the Aperture to flickr export module gets them. Maybe someone will write a little app that gets your flickr tags for you and saves them to a text file so that you can import them. I wouldn't mind having that app myself.