Aperture to iPhone or iPhone to Aperture?

by Charlie Miller

I went down to the Apple SoHo Store on Friday night to witness the craziness that was the iPhone launch. Took some photos of the line around the block and the mob of press at the front door.

The store was incredibly efficient at moving through customers and by about 7:15pm the line had evaporated. So, credit card in hand, I took the plunge. I won’t bore you with a review or my impressions — I’d recommend looking here and here — however here are two iPhone tips for Aperture users:

First, Steve Jobs wasn’t kidding when he said the iPhone is the greatest iPod ever. Just sync your iPhone with iTunes and copy over whichever of your Aperture projects or albums you choose. Unlike previous iPods, the iPhone features 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 160 dpi — nearly twice the resolution of my MacBook Pro’s display. So photos look absolutely gorgeous.

Second, an unexpected feature… when I connect my iPhone via USB to my Mac, not only does iTunes launch (for initiating a sync), but Aperture launches as well! This is because Aperture sees the iPhone’s built-in camera and I’ve chosen the preference to open Aperture when a camera is connected. This was kind of neat the first time, but now it’s more of a nuisance. To prevent this behavior, I simply went into Aperture’s preferences and chose to “do nothing” when a camera is connected.

More iPhone/Aperture reports soon.


2007-07-14 13:19:09
Thanks for the info on syncing the iPhone with Aperture! I was hoping that this would be supported. Now that you've confirmed it, there's one thing less holding me back to get an iPhone - as soon as it is released here in Austria :-/