Aperture to iPhone: Portable Portfolio

by Derrick Story

As Charlie mentioned in his iPhone post, there's a nice two-way connection between iPhone and Aperture. I'm not as interested in uploading my iPhone images to Aperture, but using the iPhone's beautiful display for my Aperture photos is very appealing.

The process is easy. I decided to create an "iPhone Album" in Aperture to serve as a drop box. I added a few shots from the Giants/Diamondbacks game that I shot on Saturday (Giants won 4-1, yaay!). Then, when I connected the iPhone to my Mac, I choose the Aperture Album under the Photos tab. When I synced, iTunes optimized the images for display on the iPhone and added them to the device.


The iPhone display is perfect for showing off your photos. I really like the saturation and brightness, plus, all I have to do to change image orientation, is rotate the phone. So you can mix verticals and horizontals at will.

The iPhone might not be great at image capture, but it does a fine job of display.


Dave Camp
2007-07-02 16:28:16
When the images are downloaded to the iPhone, it looks like they are scaled WAY down, which is expected. The downside of that is that if you are viewing the image on the iPhone and magnify it to make the subject fill the screen, or if you need to move the picture around to place the subject where you want, the low res image is then magnified and looks fuzzy.

My solution for this was to make a new version of the image I want in Aperture, and then crop the image to 5.3 x 8, which is pretty close to the correct size ratio for the iPhone screen in portrait mode. Actually, it's a few pixels wider because it looks like Aperture rounds up to the first decimal place, but that's okay.

If only Apple would fix the bug in iTunes where it randomly unchecks selected albums... I've reported the bug in the past but it's still not fixed. Very frustrating.

2007-07-08 18:59:18
This is loosely on topic. I have iPhoto and Aperture both installed on my MacPro. When I sync my iPhone or Apple TV (yes I'm an apple-addict) I can choose from either application. However only iPhoto shows any albums. Aperture does not offer any images for syncing. I use a self contained library structure for Aperture. I can access the Aperture images just fine through iPhoto as well, so I do not think that my library is corrupted. I would appreciate any help you could offer so that I do not need two copies of every photo I want to sync. Thanks.
2007-07-11 11:59:08

I had similar trouble on my laptop because I had completely disabled previews. Make sure previews are enabled, at least for the project you're using. But since you can access the images in iPhoto, I think you do have previews enabled.

Is your Aperture library at the default location (i.e. ~/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary) ?

2007-07-11 23:44:54
Also, check your preferences, there's a "Share previews iLife and iWork" that has to be checked.
2007-07-21 13:50:45
Thanks for the suggestions. I checked both and everything seems to be set up ok. The next task will be to regenerate all of my previews. I'm not looking forward to that though. Please let me know if anyone can think of a solution. Thanks again.
2007-07-24 07:44:50
I had the exact problem... I up to go in and generate previews for all my images to get them to show up...

TYhe other issue is dont sent the preview quality to the lowest setting or you will hate the way your photos show up on the iphone...

doesnt actually seem to sync the photos, it just syncs the previews