Aperture to iPhoto?

by Charlie Miller

If you’re an Aperture user, there’s a good chance that you haven’t taken a look at iPhoto in a while. Why go back to iPhoto when Aperture’s tool set is so powerful? Three reasons in particular: books, cards, and calendars. Aperture doesn’t allow you to design greeting cards and calendars, but since you can see your Aperture library in iPhoto, you can access all these creation tools. Plus, iPhoto is designed for consumers so its built-in templates are professionally designed and look great. As an example, let’s take a look at how to get your Aperture photos into an iPhoto calendar.


Start by putting the photos for your calendar into an album in Aperture; let’s name the album “2007 Calendar”. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for once we head into iPhoto. Now, launch iPhoto, click on the File menu, and choose Show Aperture Library… You’ll get a floating palette showing your Aperture library and albums.

In order to use your Aperture photos in iPhoto you first have to copy the JPEG previews into iPhoto’s library. A tip here: first, create an iPhoto album with the same name as your Aperture album (2007 Calendar). Now, from the Aperture Photos palette, drag the album for your calendar into the iPhoto album you just created. iPhoto will import the high-resolution JPEG preview images into its library and put the images into the new album.

Creating the calendar is easy. Select your “2007 Calendar” album in iPhoto’s sidebar and click the Calendar icon at the bottom of the window. Pick a calendar theme, decide which months the calendar should include, and click Okay. Customize your calendar by dragging photos from the left side of the iPhoto window onto the gray dropzones in the calendar pages. When you’re done, you can purchase calendars through Apple’s Book and Print ordering service.

For more information and tips on book, calendar, and card ordering in both Aperture and iPhoto, be sure to check out Derrick Story’s interview with Greg Scallon, Apple’s manager of online printing and books for Aperture and iPhoto.