Aperture Update 1.5.6

by Steve Simon

Further to Ben's post, apparently updating to 1.5.4 won't be enough to prevent problems with Aperture. I’m loving Leopard already, but I have noticed that Aperture seems to be a bit less stable in some instances.

Update to the rescue! (I hope). Aperture 1.5.6, is a free update recommended for all licensed Aperture customers, “addressing issues related to performance, and improves overall stability, and supports compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.”

The update release is timed to prevent any problems like the ones Ben referred to. I suspect there won't be problems with the update installed, but lets use this blog to report on bugs or discoveries we find when using Aperture in a Leopard environment.

"Important Note: Aperture updates, such as the Aperture 1.5.6 Update, cannot be used to update previously downloaded versions of the Aperture Trial. The most current version of the Trial delivers Aperture 1.5.6, so no update is necessary."

In the mean time I find it inspiring looking at the Planet Earth as my desktop on both my laptop and tower, though I imagine it could be depressing to some.

1. Planet Earth.jpg

I’ve already annoyed several of my ichat buddies using the video effects pretending to be in Paris, or on roller coaster or in space. Lots of fun (for me anyways).


2007-10-26 14:28:28
Any word on adding raw support for the Canon EOS 40D?
steve simon
2007-10-26 14:35:50
I suspect it will be very soon. A Nikon source I spoke with at the recent PhotoPlus Expo said that he had been in touch with Apple, which leads me to believe that support for the new D3 and D300 will be soon after the cameras hit the stores.
Dave Watts
2007-10-26 16:32:19
Unfortunately I opened aperture immediately after my Leopard install. Even though I have updated to 1.5.6 and later uninstalled and reinstalled aperture I am still getting unexpected shut downs of aperture.
My Laptop is working fine. I did not open aperture on that before the update.

steve simon
2007-10-26 17:35:23
Dave, I've been using 1.5.6 and it has corrected all crashes that were happening previously with 1.5.4 and Leopard. So I'm not sure what the problem is. Make sure software update has updated all your software and that 1.5.6 is actually the version you have and that you've restarted.
Dave Watts
2007-10-26 17:51:51
Steve, It is 1.5.6 and the crashes appear related to preview building. I am currently restoring the library from the vault. 13344 out of 127634 are done so far.
I opened Aperture after the leopard install and prior to the 1.5.6 announcement, to see if the 40D raw images would show.
random bob, a.r.c.
2007-10-26 22:23:09
What are impressions of Aperture running under Leopard? With all those new underpinnings (Core _fill in the blanks_), is Aperture taking advantage? What's the speed gains, if any? And on what machines?
Jeff Guzman
2007-10-26 22:56:26
Question regarding procedure. If I install the aperture 1.5.6 update before installing leopard, will that be OK? Or should I install aperture 1.5.6 after Leopard install so that it recognizes the app. Any advice on order of aperture upgrade so I minimize the issues you folks are running in to?
Bill Cheeseman
2007-10-27 05:03:50
According to Apple Support Article ID 306853, if an automatic Time Machine backup runs while Aperture is running, it "may lead to inconsistencies in the Aperture database." Apple posted this article Oct 25, so I assume Aperture 1.5.6 doesn't fix it. This is terrible! Do you know anything about it? I'm not willing to give up automatic backups, but there's no way I'll remember to turn Time Machine off before launching Aperture, and then back on.
2007-10-27 06:28:16
I got a problem with the automator action "export versions". It just doesnt work. It says that it cant find the specified export-preset (Fit within 1024x1024 eg) and cancels. I use this feature quite often, so please help Apple, or anyone.
I use 1.5.6 of course.
steve simon
2007-10-27 07:32:24
I had already installed Leopard before I updated to 1.5.6 and it has worked fine. No crashes and I have noticed a speed increase on my MacBook Pro 2ghz 2gRam machine. I'm lovin it so far. I have yet to engage Time Machine for the very worry that you brought up Bill. The answers to these and other questions are being investigated by myself and others on this blog and will come out in coming posts and comments, but if anybody has the answers now, please post them here!
steve simon
2007-10-27 07:41:30
Bill, looks like for the time being you will have to use Time Machine on manual for backing up, which is a drag--until a fix is in. From Apple:

"Issue or symptom

Running Time Machine backup or restore operations while Aperture is running may lead to inconsistencies in the Aperture database.

Products affected

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

If you use Time Machine with Leopard, be sure to set your computer up so that Time Machine only does manual backups. Avoid performing either backups or restores while Aperture is running.

This document will be updated as more information becomes available."

Don Carr
2007-12-01 17:59:49
I can't run my workflow that I created while running Tiger (I think, but definitely since April '07). The workflow grabs metadata from a selection and saves it as a text file.

The workflow that I use is ignored by Automator, so I can't open it to edit it. Perhaps because the actions in it are no longer valid(?)

I can't build a new workflow in Automator, because Aperture's actions cannot be used. They generate the error:

*** -[NSNull length]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xa0384020

Same instance ID for all Aperture actions, and if I close and reopen Automator

I have Aperture 1.5.6 and Leopard. Installed 1.5.6 first, if that makes any difference.