Aperture vs Lightroom Comparison by Two Pro Photographers

by Derrick Story


With the official release of Lightroom 1.0, it's a good time to take a look at the respective strengths of both offerings from Adobe and Apple. Along those lines, something kind of fun is brewing on the O'Reilly Digital Media site. On the Inside Aperture blog, Micah Walter is field testing both Aperture and Lightroom on a real shoot, and posting his findings daily for this week. His first post, Aperture vs. Lightroom: Let the Games Begin, sets the stage on location in the West Indies.

Over on Inside Lightroom, Michael Clark is conducting a similar comparison, and has posted his first round of thoughts in A Comparison: Adobe Lightroom vs. Apple Aperture. Both Micah and Michael are working photographers with good technical chops. I think they will handle this comparison with skill and fairness.

If you're weighing the pros and cons between these two applications, you might want to follow what these guys have to say.


2007-12-03 14:24:20
Each author made some really good points. However, it's a lot of reading. I summarized as best I could at the link below. Please feel free to add to or correct my post:



Construction Blog
2008-06-30 00:22:02
I have used both applications extensively, and I must express a preference towards Aperture. I felt this way even before the release of the newest version, but I feel more strongly now. That being said, Lightroom is still a good program that would more than meet the needs of many people.