Aperture Workshops

by Ellen Anon

If you're new to Aperture consider attending a two day workshop at the Santa Fe Workshops June 1 and 2, or Aug 31 and Sept 1. I'll be teaching two Aperture workshops in this beautifully equipped facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The workshops are geared towards helping you take full advantage of the many features in Aperture to make your workflow as efficient, productive, and even fun as possible. We'll not only cover the basics, but you'll also learn tricks and tips to make Aperture even easier to use. For example, when using the Spot and Patch tool, rather than having to drag the radius slider to size the tool appropriately, you can drag two fingers along the mouse pad on a laptop, or use the scroll wheel on a mouse. For more information or to register see www.sfworkshop.com/digital/index.cfm or call the Santa Fe Workshops at (505) 983-1400


Lifetime Photographer
2007-05-04 21:01:09
Look forward to you doing a workshop in the Bay Area. I really want to learn more about color management.