Aperture's Gone Gold Master, Ready for Release

by Derrick Story

It's official. Apple has declared Gold Master for Aperture and the first shipments should go out next week. Word has it that the shrinkwrap box will include a printed manual and tutorial DVD.

The first thing I'll be reporting on is how well it performs on a PowerBook. I'll use a 17" 1.5 GHz model for testing. To tell you the truth, my biggest concern isn't Aperture's performance as much as it will be managing all of my Raw files on a skimpy 80GB drive. So I'll be looking at alternatives such as iPods and other portable hard drives to store my data.

More soon...


2005-11-23 12:10:16
this is great news. i've already taken on a few new clients since this has been announced and each one could have benefitted in a great way from using a piece of software like this. please post another entry when you have a tracking number!

mine will be installed on a dual 2.5GHz G5, so i'm not too worried about performance.

2005-11-24 07:27:05
Aperture Compatible with Which Cameras?
Happy to hear it will be out sooner rather than later! Which cameras will Aperture be compatible with? Specifically, which RAW formats will Aperture support?

I am expecting complete support for Canon and Nikon and maybe Olympus, but maybe not for Sony! Too bad, since I just got the new Sony DSC-R1 and would like to use it with Aperture.


2005-11-24 18:50:29
Organizing files
Funnily enough, organizing my pictures is one thing I don't expect to need to worry about with Aperture, since, from everything I have read thus far, it appears to be totally unsuitable for that purpose.

It apparently insists upon maintaining its own image library (a complete, total show-stopper); and it saves its metadata separately from the images and offers no way to export them, making anything you enter there useless (a second complete, total show-stopper).

I was really looking forward to Aperture when it was first announced, but after reading the details, I'm still not even sure I'll be ordering it at all.