Apologies: Bad choices in Nukes Weblog

by Dion Almaer

Mike (and others) have posted on the topic of PostNukes, and are seriously pissed off at what both Marc (and I) have said about the endeavour.

I feel that I need to clarify my statements here. I have partially fell folly to shoving up a few paragraphs on a blog, without taking time to think about them etc etc. This is my fault, and I apologise to anyone who is pissed off at what I said, AND to those who have written good open source CMS solutions in Java.

I am NOT trying to claim that there are not ANY open source CMS solutions in Java. I realise that there are many out there, each different in their own way.

I just happen to be someone who has used PostNukes in the past, and though it was very easy to use, there were TONS of components that you could plug into it due to it's community, and it just "worked". I just think that it is kinda cool that someone ported this over to the Java world... that is all.

Also... please don't mix MY words with those that JBoss / Nukes guys may say. I just linked to the article and said "this is cool!" :)