Apple and Zimbra: tipping point for Web 2.0?

by Jeremiah Foster

The potential for rich, dynamic applications that run through a browser and are hosted remotely is a key selling point for so-called Web 2.0. Now we are seeing some of the realization of that potential, and Apple looks to be positioned to effectively leverage these new applications. I offer Zimbra as a case in point. Zimbra is a company that has created a rich AJAX application allowing one to view vast amounts of disparate content easily.


2006-04-01 06:50:54
Personally I'm still dubious over AJAX because JavaScript is still an awful language to develop client side applications compared to any of it's desktop forebears.

For anyone who has done desktop development it's like stepping back in time (I'm sure it seems a revolution to developers who have only ever known request-response web development). While that doesn't directly affect the end user, so long as apps like Google Maps and Zimbra work, it is holding back software productivity.

Another worry is that if AJAX apps kick off big-time, you're going to get a large number that will lock out Safari and Firefox users. At the moment they are mostly the realm of clever people with a strong commitment to cross-browser / cross-platform technologies - cutting-edge web developers. Mass adoption will mean managers telling staff only to test on one browser.

Tom Bridge
2006-04-01 07:24:18
I've been mucking with Zimbra for about a week now, and I'm looking at dumping for a week to see how well Zimbra works as a day to day client and interface for calendars and addressing and beyond.

I'm also anxious to see Safari support Zimbra as opposed to just being able to use Firefox...

Pascal Robert
2006-04-01 10:27:10
I looked at Zimbra news page and I don't see a press release saying that Apple is helping Zimbra. But I do remember seeying a press release saying that Zimbra will release a iSync plugin. Not being able to sync with Palms and cellphones is a big problem for many solutions, like Zimbra and OpenXchange.
2006-04-01 16:11:55
I'm also curious where Jeremiah heard the news that Apple is partnering with Zimbra. Or maybe he's slipping us an April Fools joke?

2006-04-01 20:05:34
See the Apple logo here:
2006-04-01 21:26:27
Thanks for the link. There's more mentioned here:

Zimbra - Strategic Parners

2006-04-01 23:42:23
Zimbra has plans to release support for mobile devices as well. Watch out for the release sometime in April.

Pascal Robert
2006-04-03 07:59:38
Hum :
[i]Apple Desktop support via the Zimbra Connector for Apple[/i]

Do they mean support for Mail/iCal/Address Book/iSync or something else ?
2007-09-12 21:07:45
Apple Leopard Server's iCal Server is CalDev compliant, so is Z5, going to make for some intriguing opportunities for integration, especially given the progress of the iSync connector for Zimbra. You can get a free trial of Zimbra, with 2-minute activation, and try out the Apple desktop sync if you're interested at, with 24/7 complimentary Apple support.