Apple Announces Press Event for Sept 12

by Derrick Story


Members of the media received email invitations this morning for a special event on Sept. 12 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. As many have speculated, Apple is focusing its announcements for appropriate venues. Some were disappointed that the WWDC keynote didn't contain more product sizzle. But Steve covered what made sense for a developer conference. The upcoming special event will draw lots of coverage and should be the perfect venue for more consumer-related announcements. I'll be attending and will keep you posted.

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Ming Chow
2006-09-05 10:03:49
So I read from the numerous rumor websites that the event will involve a new iTunes / iPod revealing, and a possible chipset upgrade to the iMac. But what I am really waiting for is the chipset upgrade for the MacBook or MacBook Pro (i.e. Merom). Will it happen? I hope so.
Small Paul
2006-09-05 10:37:00
Woo hoo! Look at those searchlights! And "Showtime". It's iTunes Movie Store time, baby.

(Unless the picture isn't from the actual invite?)

2006-09-05 10:57:16
Hey Paul, good eye... yes, the graphic here is from the actual invite :)
2006-09-05 11:08:53
Return of Pippin?

(Tan, rested, and ready to play. Apple Pippin)

2006-09-05 11:44:36
Right you are methinks, Small Paul! It's definitely time for the curtains to come up and reveal the iTunes Movie Store. Brilliant!