Apple + BlackBerry = AppleBerry?

by Dave Mabe

An AppleBerry is exactly what noted analyst Peter Misek has predicted. This story is getting a lot of Buzz because Peter Misek is the same analyst that correctly predicted the RIM move the the Intel processor last year.

Of course there are a slew of reasons you could come up with as evidence against such an agreement, but it's a lot more fun to think about what might be possible.

RIM would get immediate access to the consumer market which is a market they've been trying to crack for a long time with only modest success. Apple would get access to millions of BlackBerry users that already have unlimited data plans to use their BlackBerry. An agreement would immediately give ligitimacy to RIM as a multimedia device maker.

Just imagine the possibilities of an iPod with access to a high speed wireless data network - it would almost surely drive a lot of sales to the iTunes Music Store. The carriers would love the extra data traffic, too.

Think about the possibilities for podcasting - your driving down the road and the latest podcast is automatically downloaded to your AppleBerry and you're notified with an alert you've customized using BlackBerry's built-in alert profiles. This sounds a little like satellite radio, only with infinite choices.


2006-06-14 11:38:56
Umm... I just want an application loader for my Blackberry. Honestly, is that too much to ask?
2007-01-09 04:41:17
Apple Blackberry seen here: