Apple Debuts Aperture in Action Lecture Series

by Derrick Story

Apple has scheduled a series of lectures led by some of the best sports photographers in the business. Aperture in Action connects you with these shooters so you can learn how they use Aperture to organize their field-to-studio workflows and manage the thousands of pictures they take every time they go out on a job. They'll also share their personal tips and tricks for using Aperture.


All attendees will receive a free Aperture Tutorial DVD that demonstrates Aperture's easy-to-use features. You can sign up today by visiting the Aperture in Action web page.


Michael Ball
2007-06-27 07:42:55
yeah I really want to go. I would have to go to the Aug 21 one, which is really cool because I might be able to meet Vincent Laforet.

Anyone notice that by clicking register, the bottom of the page say Final Cut Studio, not Aperture? And it's not on the Aperture page.

2007-06-27 12:17:04
i tried registeting for the Aug 21 class in San Diego, but never got a confirmation email...
did anyone else not get a confirmation?
Michael Ball
2007-06-27 14:42:58
I too am waiting (and have been for hours) for a conformation email. I did the process twice.
2007-07-08 17:52:22
I too registered for one the sessions(twice) but no confirmation.