Apple in talks to buy Universal Music Group - report

by Steve Mallett

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The world surrounding digital music may be about to get a lot more interesting:
"Apple CEO Steve Jobs may once have dated Joan Baez, but is he really itching to become a music industry player? If a story in the LA Times is correct, that could well be what he achieves.

According to the paper, Apple is in talks to buy Universal Music, one of the world's 'big five' record labels, from its troubled parent Vivendi. The Mac maker has yet to make a formal bid for the company, though negotiations have been continuing for the last couple of months. Apple is apparently looking to pay $5-6 billion. LA Times sources say Apple may make a bid on 29 April, when Vivendi's board is next due to meet. "


2003-04-11 13:44:35
I'll believe it when I see it
On the one hand, this doesn't seem like the right business for Apple to get into right now.

On the other hand, Steve has done some things over the last few years that seemed 'non-optimal' and it's only later we realized that he had the right idea all along. Remember all the complaints and jeers when he introduced the iPod?

(I know the G4 Cube is a counter-example, but I think they misjudged the target market.)

2003-04-11 16:13:26
I'll belive it when I hear it,