Apple Intentionally Crippled DTrace on OS X

by Noah Gift

There is a good entry on Adam Leventhal's Weblog, about Apple crippling DTrace's ability to trace ITunes. I suppose I will unfortunately need to put this in my not cool category. So far Google has set the Gold standard for Corporate "coolness". I wish Apple can lean more toward this direction, even though I still love Apple.


Adam Leventhal
2008-01-23 15:56:23
Are you kidding me? At least Apple releases their version of BSD and of DTrace. Google has their own distro of Linux -- and possibly even their own port of DTrace to Linux -- but they haven't released any of it.
Noah Gift
2008-01-23 16:17:12
Adam/Maybe I am believing the Google hype too much :) I guess it does get a little tough to say who is "cooler", in terms of locking parts of their software. The official word from Google I thought, was they are "in process" on releasing source code for things, but maybe that is wrong too.
Adam Leventhal
2008-01-23 17:21:37
I'll believe it when I see it, but I've been hearing about Google's imminent unlocking to hold any real hope. Further, I think it's pretty common knowledge that Google has their own fork of Linux which has diverged far enough to make coming back implausible. Either they release that as is (please don't), try to merge up and release the delta (but why would they), or just maintain the status quo. Apple on the other hand has identified some of the best innovations in operating systems and massaged them into Mac OS X. Seems pretty cool to me -- even if their execution leaves something to be desired.
Noah Gift
2008-01-23 17:40:18
Adam/I do completely agree that Apple has done an excellent job of getting the best new technologies into their OS. In fact I often write very positive things about OS X. I suppose you are the hardest on the ones you love :) I do wish they didn't monkey with things as much, like they did with autofs before Leopard, or now with DTrace. I also want Apple to integrate the equivalent of apt-get and not put in weird tools like edline, instead of readline. All in all though, Apple is good stuff, but they could be better :)