Apple is Fixing the iBook Logic Boards

by Steve Mallett

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Update: I've an email into one of the PR people at Apple for hardware, and when I called Apple Canada this morning they had just learned about the program 10 minutes before I called. I'll hang loose until Apple responds to my enquiry.


Apple has announced that it will be looking after those faulty logic boards afterall. Yeah. More importantly, for me anyway, is that they've acknowledged what we've all known.

I've had seven of these boards (If you haven't heard you'd be the only one). What makes them short out? I'll call and try to find out & update ya later.

"What is the iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program?

The iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program is a worldwide program covering repair or replacement of the logic board in specific iBook models manufactured between May 2002 and April 2003 that are experiencing specific component failures.

Does this make you happy?


2004-01-29 07:09:20
Great to see Apple doing the right thing
Now they need to address all the problems people are having with PowerBook 15 AlBooks.

I have been thinking of getting a PowerBook. I want the 15 inch model, but I don't want to end up like spaceman/Steve. If they came out with a new G5 GoldBook tomorrow I would pass. The dual-USB iBook and 15 inch AlBook fiascos have taught me to only buy Apple hardware which is proven.

2004-01-29 07:40:42
Great to see Apple doing the right thing
Ahh man. I was hoping I could get my iBook replaced with the 15" PB.
2004-01-29 08:06:32
Great to see Apple doing the right thing
To make the 15 inch display rigid, Apple placed an array of plastic pegs behind the LCD. On many of the first several months production run of 15 inch AlBooks, faint white nickel to quarter sized "spots" started appearing on the display. There are several other problems I am reading about on the AppleCare discussion forums. One example is with LCD "illumination irregularities" where the brightness drops off from one side to the other.

In their recent quarterly financial result press conference an analyst called Apple out on the high expense for warranty items. The Apple CFO mentioned the AlBook 15 inch display as being an expensive issue, but one that has been resolved. I am wondering if he'll be answering the same question next quarter (for the iBook).

2004-02-14 08:03:47
Apple is sorta replacing the ibooks
They make you jump thru hoops to get it replaced. I called and spoke to Dave, an Apple Customer Rep. He acted like he did not know exactly what I was calling about when I told him about the ibook logic board recall. Surely they briefed all CR before the day started on the ibook logic board recall, but Dave played coy. My ibook is within the serial numbers of those recalled and is experiencing the display problems. So, I figured they would take my word and take it in. Well, if you read the recall FAQ, the laptop has to be taken in to a service center and they will determine if it does indeed need to be recalled. Dave gave me a case number, had me repair permissions, zap the PRAM, and restart the VRAM, finally start up in safe mode. These things seemed to help, but the laptop is still exhibiting a strange behavior, so it probably needs to go in. I just don't have a lot of time during the day to take it 30 miles one way to a service center to see if they agree. I was hoping that Dave would give me a case number and I could send it back to Apple. No dice. They want someone else to look at it. I guess I can understand that, but why give out serial numbers that are affected and then not recall all those in that group? Certainly there is a high probability that my ibook is affected. I know it is. Apple continues to make it hard to be a customer. Obviously, they don't want everyone sending their ibooks back, they will lose money, but the logic boards are bad. Huge numbers of complaints verify this. It is not just me with a problem. I guess I am used to the way recalls work in the auto industry. Ford issues a recall and sends that recall out to everyone that owned the car or truck on record. Ford has a vested interest because they do not want anyone getting injured and suing them, so they issue a recall. Apple on the other hand will not suffer such litigation from a computer mishap. It's all about the Benjamins.
2007-02-22 09:54:49
i think apple should also add the defective or a recall for the powerbook g4 logic board. i just bought it last 8/05 and a new logic board was already replaced recently. it is so upsetting since i thought that apple has a good reputation. apple also replaced a new battery last 9/06 due to a recall. i hope apple will take into a deeper consideration on the logic board problem. i cannot afford to replace the part everytime the logic board or the battery fails
2007-04-02 20:52:54
my apple logic board went on my 2004 ibook last week. the quote was 1000.00 dollars as it is not covered by the extension program. obviously apple should be covering all ibooks for this problem. they are defective. this is the last apple product i will buy. i had much longer life out of my pcs.
Kyra Morris
2007-08-08 00:33:14
They are not fixing iBook G4s at all, eventhough they have the same problem. God knows they really shoud just replace them all, considering the changes in the new books are total admissions of the problems in the old ones.