Apple iTunes - Time Magazine Invention of the Year

by Uche Ogbuji

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I'd probably consider iTunes an invention of a business model than anything else, but I gues that counts. I think its success demonstrates that Jobs's great gift is not so much inventive genius, but just the doggedness to pursue arbitrage where other business people are bewilderingly blinkered. The Mac was addressed the need for a computer with even a pretense of design values, as opposed to cattle-car PCs. iTunes represents a determinaton to make money off people's yearning for digital media options designed with even a pretense of respect for consumers. See the article for details on how Jobs realy looks to make money through iTunes. It's amazing that Apple's competitiors couldn't figure out a business model along these lines.

I just said "...Jobs's great gift is not so much inventive genius..." Perhaps the greatest inventive genius after all is that which makes you wonder in retrospect whether everyone else in the field was sleepwalking when the invention was taking place.

Will we be comparing Jobs/iTunes to Edison/phonograph a century from now?


2003-11-19 05:15:59
Learn the Language
Uche Ogbuji- Yes you! Take a course in comprehending English before writing another article.
2003-11-20 07:18:29
It's the music store
It sounds like you don't even realize that its the iTunes music store that was the coolest invention of the year - not just iTunes... iTunes has been around for awhile
Maybe you should stick to writing weblogs about things you actually have a clue about!
2003-11-20 11:25:21
Chill out!
Could you two be any more offensive? It's pretty clear in context that by "iTunes" he means "the iTunes Music Store". Sheesh.
2003-11-20 21:28:15
Timor stultorum non me conturbat

Poster #1: Were you meaning to make the same point as poster #2? I couldn't discern that you had any point.

Poster #2: Certainly I might have said the full "iTunes music store", but blogs in reference to a URL generally assume the reader at least skims the URL in question, which should have made my meaning clear.

Poster #3: Thanks. Caustic comments on Weblogs don't bother me. I know it's much easier to type abuse into a Web form than it is to try to put forth an idea worth writing about in the first place.

2004-01-01 15:52:53
Maybe this guy should proofread his article before posting...