Apple Makes Macs Run Windows XP [via BBC News]

by M. David Peterson

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple makes Macs run Windows XP

Apple has released software that lets users run Microsoft's operating system on its computers that use Intel chips.

Called Boot Camp the program lets Mac owners run both Apple's OSX and Microsoft's Windows XP.

A trial version of the software is now available so users can install it. Future versions of Apple's OSX software will include the program.

The release follows efforts by hackers to get Windows XP booting up on Macs that use Intel chips.

Sweet! Of course this had to take place just a few months after I finally gave in and purchased a Mac for testing purposes, after holding out for a solid 16 years.

Guess its time to visit my local neighborhood Apple store again.

Things could be worse, I guess :)


2006-12-15 06:30:35
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