Apple on a Roll in Las Vegas

by Derrick Story

If you're not familiar with NAB, the annual mega-media convention in Las Vegas, I can tell you it's an amazing event. Its roots are in broadcast, but like so many areas of communication, technology has invaded and now dominates.

NAB occupies three halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The other areas are interesting enough, but the real action is in the South Hall. And guess who's there stirring up the masses? Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Avid, and quite a few other technology firms.

Adobe is riding high on its comprehensive portfolio of media software and its announced acquisition of Macromedia. Avid also looks extremely strong and is making a heavy pitch to broadcast journalists. But Apple is driving them wild. I can't believe how many people are elbow to elbow in their demos of Final Cut Pro and other offerings.

Remember when Steve said that 2005 was going to be the year of HD? (at Macworld SF in Jan.). Well, NAB has just confirmed that assertion. It's everywhere. If you close your eyes, you see the letters HD burned into your lids. And Apple, with its HD focus, is in prime position to solidify its presence in professional digital media.

Back at Mac DevCenter, with our focus on the upcoming Tiger release, I don't think many O'Reilly readers realize Apple's strength in professional media. But it's worth noting that Cupertino's reach extends way beyond laptops and music players. They're on a serious digital media roll right now in Las Vegas. And Apple is looking quite flush.