Apple, Playfair?

by Daniel Raffel

Many bloggers are speculating today that the rumored iPhone from Apple will be unlocked and take SIM cards. I pretty much assumed this since hearing about the device. Here's why:

First, any carrier relationship deals would most certainly require a revenue share cutting into sales of Apple iTunes store content. It's hard to imagine Apple being ok sharing unnecessary additional revenue after investing in developing a new platform that they obviously hope will sell more media content for them. Also, I don't seem them being open to paying carriers a royalty no matter how you slice it. And, if they do I trust they will try to do it on their terms only when necessary.

Second, carriers like to control everything on their devices and they make a lot of money from selling places on the deck. Wouldn't Apple want to control the entire experience like they do everywhere else?

Finally, branching off on the second point I've assumed that Dashcode will help make it possible to develop simple Widgets that will ultimately be able to run on iPods and iPhone's (in addition to the OS X desktop). This is totally speculation on my part but it makes sense to me that they would pursue distribution models that gives them the control they are used to.

Simply put, a carrier partnership is probably more painful to Apple's standard way of operating. I wouldn't be suprised to see Google take a similar approach.