Apple rejects iMix playlist

by brian d foy

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Go figure---Apple Computer rejected "One To Tango---Songs With a Masturbation Theme", although it will sell you all of the songs in that rejected iMix playlist.

I think the playlist may have been rejected for a single word in its title, and Apple did clearly state that they will not publish iMixes that are "obscene, objectionable or in poor taste", even if they will sell songs marked with little "explicit" boxes next to them.

I do not think Apple has the potential to dominate global digital music downloads if it does not want people to share or discuss what a lot of music actually says.


2004-05-07 21:01:00
the theme
I think Brian that Apple is into the field of education and that market seems to be big in the Elementary School areas so I guess Apple having a theme such as ' an iMix for your wanking pleasures ' to have a detrimental effect on expanding that market.
personally if I were a big business, I'd also refuse that playlist even if It doesn't personally offend me. No use in potentially offending my customers. Better safe than sorry.
I'm sure you could have that kind of thing on your personal website if you wanted to so you and your friends could wank all you want without scaring off business.
So I do not see this as some kind of 'Big Business Conspiracy'. Please stay away from that mindset of being controlled.
2004-05-07 22:25:46
the theme
I don't see any Big Business Conspiracy either, and I don't see Apple marketing the iPod and iTunes Music Store only in the education market segment.

It is clear why they refused it, and I don't necessarily disagree with it, but if they want to play in the global market, they have to come to grips with what the market wants, and that is not always going to be sanitized, non-offensive topics.

2004-05-09 12:21:25
the theme
The funny thing here is that Apple will sell these songs to you, individually. Where does that leave their no-offense policy?