Apple Sneaks In Camera Support in Leopard

by Ben Long

A lesser-hyped feature of Leopard is its inclusion of a number of new raw formats. This page shows a complete list of all of the raw formats now supported in Leopard. A quick peak shows that Apple has snuck in a couple of newer models such as the Canon EOS D40. So, with Leopard, Aperture, iPhoto, the Finder, and Preview -- all support the full assortment of raw formats shown. This is great news for those who have a newer camera, but hopefully Apple will provide some kind of update for those who don't want to, or can't upgrade to Leopard.

Here are a few more new cameras supported... just in case you don't feel like parsing them out of the overall list on the Apple doc:
Olympus EVOLT E-400
Olympus EVOLT E-410
Olympus EVOLT E-510
Leica V-LUX 1
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50

One final note... site editor Derrick Story laments that his Canon PowerShot G7 didn't make the cut.


Eric M.
2007-11-03 04:59:20
Yeah, I wish the Sigma line would make it...
2007-11-03 05:06:41
the Ricoh GR-Digital (.dng variant) didn't make the list either, though the folks at devbugs apparently thought this was in, so there may be hope for the near future...
Graeme Smith
2007-11-03 05:39:10
Yay for FZ50 support! Good that they finally got the E-410 and 510 in there too. It's a little unfair that Tiger users have to upgrade to Leopard to get support though.
Michael B.
2007-11-03 07:03:42
Just a quibble, but it's a G9 - the 7 doesn't support RAW
david g
2007-11-03 08:21:09
Ultimately, the reason I chose Lightroom over Aperture was Apple's long delay in adding support for one of my cameras. It just appears as if Apple needs to appreciate the importance to photographers for timely updates (within a month or so) to their list of supported cameras.

I purchased both Lightroom and Aperture and actually liked Aperture a little more than I did Lightroom but found I couldn't use Aperture with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2(I can now) so I invested my time learning Lightroom.

I'm sure I'm not alone in using my high-end digital slr for much of my work but also keep a (quite nice) point and shoot camera for supplemental images. Some of these point and shoot cameras provide excellent images so it was quite frustrating to not be able to use the raw files from that camera in Aperture for the first six months or so.


Will Scoggins
2007-11-03 11:55:26
One final note… site editor Derrick Story laments that his Canon PowerShot G7 didn’t make the cut.

Perhaps that is because the G7 doesn't shoot in the raw format. Derrick can save his lamentations for another day

2007-11-03 14:02:13
Right, my G9. Sorry guys.
2007-11-03 14:52:32
Nitpick: it's the Canon 40D, not the D40. D40 sounds like a Nikon model. Actually, it is a Nikon model. Gotta love it.

I wonder how much confusion there'll be if Canon ever introduces an EOS 3D ...

David Anderson
2007-11-04 03:13:03
Sony A700 please and also what about 10.4 users, are they stuck?
Michael Branning
2007-11-07 16:17:27
I don't see any evidence of Canon 40D Raw format support in Leopard. I went back and tried to "migrate" some raw said images didn't need migrating because it already uses 1.1 RAW decoding.
2007-11-10 10:41:48
What is a quick peak? Is that like a fast-moving mountain?
Frank Bloss
2007-11-16 21:41:12
I am surprised Leopard/Aperture do not support raw conversion for the Sigma SD14 DSLR with Foveon sensors. I use the Adobe Camera Raw plugin (v. 4.2) with Photoshop CS3 for SD14 raw conversion and am happy with the results. The only other alternative available to Macintosh users at this point is Sigma's Photo Pro software v.2.2, originally developed for the earlier SD9 and SD10 Foveon DSLR's - unless one is willing to boot up MS Windows and install Photo Pro 3.0 for Windows, developed specifically for the SD14 camera.