Apple Store Sighting for those who try to visit them all

by Todd Ogasawara

For those of you who are feel the need to visit every Apple Store, here's a sighting of one under construction near Honolulu, Hawaii (its second) in Kahala Mall. BTW, I actually didn't even notice it until I felt the tug on my shirt and an excited voice next to me saying, "Look, Dad! Look!" :-)


2006-08-17 03:31:15
interesting that the text is on the old font and not the corporately approved Myriad one ???
2006-08-17 06:10:28
How come that area gets two and there is still not even one anywhere in South Carolina? I have to drive at least three hours to get to one. And there are a lot of Mac users in SC, and a lot more people who would like to be.
2006-08-17 06:52:49
You could always move to Hawaii...
2006-08-18 05:35:59
we've got none in australia ... only "applecentres" which are jujst apple-endorsed computer shops. blech.
2006-09-12 16:05:47
Woohoo!! it's near my hometown. I can't wait to go back home to see it.

2007-01-20 02:14:24
This new store is only four miles away from the existing Apple Store at Ala Moana Shopping center. Kahala isn't as busy as Ala Moana, so hopefully it'll be easier to get help...the Ala Moana store is always jam packed with people.
Brian Parnell
2007-07-08 03:43:45
New Mac store in SC! I opened a VAR/Biz agent storefront in Garden City. Coincidentally, I just moved from MAUI to do it. Hawaii...SC....spooky huh?
The MacGuy
2520 Hwy 17 Business
Suite 4
Garden City, SC 29576
2007-07-09 10:45:04
We sorely need an Apple Store in Charleston, South Carolina )Mount Pleasant area=