Apple Terminates Safari Seed Program

by Steve Mallett

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"Apple Terminates Safari Seed Program"

What they actually did was choose to take pity on the poor sap who ended up downloading a buggy, unfinished, app turd.

Seeing that 'seed' releases were popping up for use by Joe Normal, Apple has choosen to stick to 'public-betas'. This is a code word for 'not totally shoddy'.

I wish other open source OS distributors took as good a care as Apple is here when they decide what to include in their distribution releases.

Daring Fireball explains more.

Do you think Apple should continue the seed program???


2003-03-28 10:33:32
"Apple Terminates Safari Seed Program"
You said 'What they actually did was choose to take pity on the poor sap who ended up downloading a buggy, unfinished, app turd."

I'm that poor sap who downloaded v67. All I got was a program which has crashed only three times in the last week. It has tabs which work and is a hundred times better then IE. I open over 100 different sites per day and it works perfectly. I'll be that sap any day.

2003-03-28 18:44:57
"Apple Terminates Safari Seed Program"
Well not only are you a self admitted sap, you are also lawbreaker. if you are a "joe normal" who downloaded and used this app you are using this app illegally.

so its people like you that will force safari to ship at a lesser quality due to less testing by _apple_approved_ people.

thanks alot pirate.

2003-03-29 06:19:34
"Apple Terminates Safari Seed Program"
Easy, easy now. There is the unwritten law of the internet that says something like this "even thought you may be presented with an EULA (End User License Agreement) we know that no one ever reads the damn things & we're pretty much just trying to cover our a5535 by putting one in this package. We know darn well that if it's in the wild it will be used. Even so, here's an inept attempt at to get you to agree with something that we're not even sure what it means. Damn lawyers."

Or something like that.

2003-03-29 06:23:14
"Apple Terminates Safari Seed Program"
I hear what you're saying dude, but look at this from another perspective. My public release of Camino doesn't crash.

That's just not cool from the perspective of a company that wants their product to be the de facto [?] standard for use on OS X.