Apple to Build New Campus

by Oliver Breidenbach

Reuters has a story about Apple planning a new campus.

Why do I post this on a technology weblog?

Well, it is the litmus test for Google Earth: I want it to figure out geographic locations that relate to certain news.

Why do I want to do this?

First of all, I am curious. Second, it might be the sort of machine intelligence we can expect from future applications. It is not very hard to do. A little bit of data mining, provided the data is available online.

(BTW: this is the satelite view of the new campus area. How did I figure this out? I watched the Cupertino City Council webcast with Steve giving away the location...)


2006-04-19 18:20:16
That's the area of 10400 Ridgeview Ct., Cupertino, where the data center that Apple leased in February is located: